Monthly Archives: September, 2012

Heather – The Little Things!

It’s the little things… Returning home from back to school night I was full of pride, gratitude and love. I felt like I wanted to cook a fine meal for my prince in honor of his greatness and my love for him, but it was late, and there was not going to be any fine …

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Ernesto – THIS IS WHO I AM!!!

I’ve been under some circumstances that I haven’t shared,  the result of the journey of creating it before, and here is what I’d like to mention about my “Vision Board”: Maybe you have an opinion about it, maybe you want to call me … whatever, maybe you think I’m too … anything;  in any case …

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It’s so disappointing, sad and DISGUSTING how childish and selfish some people in this world can be. Instead of being appreciative of someone’s kindness, they abuse it to the uttermost. One day it will backfire on you and you won’t have a soul in the world that gives a rat’s a$$ about you and that’s …

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