Monthly Archives: August, 2012

Deb – An 8 out of 10 Life

Felt great today…called to tell me he was getting me these pink earbuds so i can listen to music on the train…then he came up with this creative idea about getting a great deal on dance classes. Then, he picked me up by the lightrail and we walked home together! He is the best! After …


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Happiness as a Choice – my friend Jonathan

Do you choose to be happy? Happiness is a sacred state. It is only available to those who stand as their word.  There  can  be  no  happiness  for  those  who  are  their  thoughts  and  feelings.  You  can’t  refer  to  happiness.  Can’t  report  it.  Can’t  find  it.  It’s  a  sacred  state  with  no  evidence.  Happiness  is  …

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James: Fishing Man under Rainbow Bridge

I was walking on the wooden beach boardwalk in the park early this morning. I saw a fishing man under a short rainbow. I thought I could take a good picture from a certain angle. … My phone does not have the zoom feature… so I walked toward him to be closer to make all …

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Debbie – Exuberance & Excitement

My vision is a life of exuberance and excitement. Sleeping dreamily like a baby every night feels blissful. On quite a few nights, I experience fantastic dreams so vivid and real. I wake up feeling refreshed and somewhat surprised, and then sigh in content – real life is just as good, if not better, than my dreamed …

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Armelis – Happy Day!

I’ve been smiling (both outward and inward) since this morning. Leyanna went to bed with no diaper and actually woke me up this morning to use the bathroom, like a true “big girl”…I got to enjoy a good book on my train ride into the city and had lunch and a nice chat with a …

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Debbie: Sharing a colleague’s note

I received a note from someone that really put a smile on my face.. and want to share. ” A journey is a life that you will always want. But, the journey inside of you make it work. But, the journal you write make your journey better. Every day write in that journal. Because, it willmake …

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