Monthly Archives: August, 2014

Two Separate Exerpts…Derrick, Michelle

Derrick: Ladies, try not to dwell on your partner’s imperfections. Instead… compromise, appreciate, and be happy about the qualities they do have. Because there’s about a negative percent chance that the next guy is perfect. And guys, there is a perfect girl but I already found her. Michelle: Whenever I am in fear, I always …

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Debbie: Paddleboarding Experience under the vast Intrepid

Paddleboarding with good friends amidst twilight zone with a breathtaking view of the Intrepid museum…Didn’t even fall off the board once!  Lying down on the paddleboard and enjoying the view…being myself…having dinner at Gotham marketplace..tacos…walking around the city…It was an evening of laughter and novelty.

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Mac: Glory…

One of my boys (Venezuelan-Italian) called me a while back to tell me about some challenges he was facing in his career and what he intended to do. I asked him to give me a few days to think it over and get back to him as far as what I thought the best solution …

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