Monthly Archives: August, 2020

Merry Friends

I had a Adventurer for a roommate in college, during my early twenties. We had so much fun getting into fun misadventures which we still laugh about to this very day. I am a Peacemaker, so I would follow her lead, and was happy listening to her entertaining stories.  She is quite the irreverent spirit. …

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To Have or To Be?

Your moment to moment experience of life is as important as any set of results you produce. The quality of your life may, in fact, be more valuable than gold. Now, some would say that it’s the external symbols (like gold/money) that will determine the quality of your life. More money equals more happiness, or, …

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Tropical Birthday

My summer breeze birthday weekend included a series of fun-filled events. Inner bubble cocktails, amazing dinner and a delicious caviar tasting… with hints of romance, friendship and deep conversations. I’m one happy go lucky girl…  

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