Monthly Archives: December, 2012

Heather: Charm & Romance

Saturday night -Romantic dinner at a charming restaurant with my beau; Sunday night – a short, yet intimate visit with his parents ; This morning- ab workout to Chopra Meditation, then, after conferring with my ex husband, mother and sister, finally hit submit on a multi item, holiday order; Just now – a tasty and …


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Debbie: Lil Goodies of Life!

Unicorns to me represent magic, dreams and wishes! Looking forward to Bring it On on Broadway…Feeling AMAZING after the acupuncture mixed with physical therapy mixed with cupping…cooking real Chinese fancy chicken soup for the first time for someone…wearing this spectacular pink apron…dressing the part! Loving my job and being in flow… time is warped…liking my colleagues…loving …

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Heather: Thanksgiving Sizzle

Mom put everything but the kitchen sink in a bag for me to take home from Thanksgiving! I was surprised and thankful upon unpacking all the goodies! Today, I am thankful for the left over chocolate chip pumpkin cake that my sister made. It went from being a proud offering at our family Holiday dessert …

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Debbie: More Sparkles

Today is December 2nd, and I have been on this earth for 28.5 years to the day.  I am now 113 pounds…my ideal weight. I finally pursued my passion in art, after 16 years of “not getting around to it…” I have created two masterpieces using my childhood DESIGN color pencils and my flamboyant art …

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James: The Secret

I have read a few pages of the book 《The Secret》 I did not buy it. All the stories in the book were about the same – You think about what you want, and you get it. I went to a training session to sell retirement plan. I was asked to talk to strangers without fear. …

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Cory: Warrior

Everyone struggles in life, but it is how you handle those challenges that determines whether you are a survivor or not. Those struggles test your strength and resolve, and offer growth opportunities as a person. It’s one thing to be floored by a major catastrophe, but whether you choose to remain down, and play the …

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