Monthly Archives: September, 2019

Bianca: On Love

A useful message that is sure to help you live a more fulling life: Love as if you’re going to be in love forever. Every marriage does not have a happy ending. All love stories are not magical. All couples don’t end up being together til eternity and all lovers don’t end up being soulmates. But …


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Fata Morgana: Strange Mirages at Sea

“Jesuit Priests aren’t especially known for their heavy drug u/se, but it we’re to believe the account of Father Domenico Giardina, he was tripping pretty hard. Looking out over the sea from Messina, Sicily, Giardina saw “a city all floating in the air, and so measureless and so splendid, so adorned with magnificent buildings, all of …

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Frank: Laundry

Doing laundry with my big girl Skyler while mommy goes to the gym…Our conversation went a little like this. “Hey Sky, make sure you do a good job folding.” Her answer: “Come on, Daddy – I’ve been folding since I was 5. Don’t you know me?” She just turned 6 in July.  Lol.

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Gen: My Vision

I am a passionate, honest, and committed woman. My vision for the world is one where everyone gets to put their passion into action, do what they love, and have the life they dreamed wasn’t possible. Race, religion or political views will no longer be relevant when everyone taps into their authentic self. My definition …

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Bianca: My Life Philosophy

My life philosophy summed up…People are always questioning me about my “credit score,” a “career,” “kids” and all the other false markers of success.😂 Yeah – I said it. 🤷🏽‍♀️ Success is whatever the fuck you want it to be! It is not the agreed upon socially accepted BS you were born into. Think about it this …

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