Samuel: The Turning Point

kissesWhat’s on my mind at a time of happiness? Just a bit before this year, I naively believed that a “9 to 5” job would always bring food onto the table, working hard is better than going back to school, spoiling the girl is the way to make her happy, living in a place that I called “our home”, and trusting in a woman that would not leave me. Then these lovely thoughts threw me into a lost pit. Somewhere I bumped into many walls to climb out of. Next thing you know, I stopped reaching out, and started to believe in only one thought – anyone could walk away instead, and let them go. Because that only person who will let you out of the pit is yourself. Life will lead you to the good people, and to be thankful at times like these. Moving away was a turning point. So, – Lindenhurst, I love you.


Tamara: Heart to Heart Talks

bear beachCraving one of those intimate heart to heart talks…the kind where I’m laying my head on his chest and he’s playing in my hair. And the conversation is engaging, expansive, passionate, enlightening, and pleasurable. One of those moments when I fight against sleepy eyelids, in hopes of extending the moment for as long as I can. Even the silence in every pause is savory and meaningful.

Autumn: Birthday Year in Review

Dear 31st year of life, cheers… you were truly magnificent & wonderful overall! I welcome you, 32!

You got comfortable with fitness and gym life. You kept going to therapy, you planned a destination wedding, you married the human of your dreams, you got another promotion, you dealt with unexpected death and loss, you found greater purpose again, you sought mentors, you mentored others, you started writing a memoir, you finished the Aveda mastery series, you surprised your family with a trip, you survived having 4 toes operated on while walking, working and living in NYC, you piloted your coaching program…. you did pretty ok 😁 I love you and all your imperfections… cheers to 32 and a new adventure with your husband, coming soon… version 3.0: San Diego, CA!!!! .

Yep, that’s right y’all, we are relocating as of mid-September. On this birthday, I have given myself the gift of being brave and leaning into the truth of all that we want that isn’t available to us here in Brooklyn (yet)! SoCal here we come! Five weeks left at Parlor: I’d love to do your hair again before my last shift in Brooklyn!

Carmen: The Sparkly Art Project


Held a special art time with the birthday niece and her close friends. Wanted to inspire the next generation to love crafts…Then, the living room looked like a glitter explosion thereafter. Glitter sticks to everything!

Michelle: The Best Guy


Kit took my parents out for berry picking and we watched the fireworks at the beach. He chatted with them during the long car ride while I passed out, and paid for most expenses. Best boo ever!

Heather: The World of Fairies & Butterflies


Just returned home after walking Cecil who knows that it is his turn for an outing after I get back from a run.

Debussy’s Claire de Lune is on the stereo…I sit in the dark living room with Cecil listening peacefully.

When I was a little girl I used to lay underneath the piano as my mother played this piece–magic! It took me to the world of fairies and butterflies…I love how you can go back to whatever reality or dream you once experienced with music!

Debbie: Words from my Lead Coach Michelle


The first couple of days of the breakthrough, George says, “The coaching I am about to give you is worth one million dollars. How many times do you choose, how many times do you choose to be right than to be love?”

Last night these incredible leaders created power and freedom behind “I from nothing can create passion…” or any other way of “being.”

So I leave with you his million dollar coaching…How many times do you choose to be “right” than to “be love?” From judgment, you will never empower anyone to grow or serve; from judgment, you will never give people the desire to know you, nonetheless love you. Stop holding people prisoners of your own judgments…and begin by setting yourself free from all the drama and all those conversations of he said, she said, he’s not good enough, she’s not great….We are all children of God! And yet the world is so fucked up that if you choose to be right, trust me, you will find much evidence for what you choose to prove. However, a REAL leader looks around and creates his vision regardless of what is around him by beginning with themselves and with their immediate surroundings. THE POWER OF CHOICE!

Lets fly team…get ready to see these leaders fly into their vision!!

Yu: Little Girl’s Clothing


Don’t know about little girls’ clothing choices. mine went to school in shorts, a T-shirt, but calf high boots! After dinner, her friend (our neighbor) came over to jump rope in white high heels! I told her to go home and change shoes, and she came back in knee high winter boots – one in grey, one in maroon! I just stared!

Cindy: Putting Others First


Leaving the bank today, I witnessed a great act of humanity. A lady’s dog escaped her truck (leash and all). He ran across a busy road, nearly getting hit several times by cars. I counted five cars who stopped to help this poor lady rescue her dog. She was in tears and frantic. People ran from every direction trying to coax the dog to them. I felt helpless because I am still unable to walk. Within about five minutes a lady was able to coax the dog by offering him a dog treat. When this happened everyone in the area cheered. It put a smile on my face. Good things do happen, when people put others first.

Jeff: An Act of Heroism


As I was walking down the escalator to Penn station after a party I saw an extremely intoxicated girl in heels and a miniskirt in front of me stumbling down the escalator. She fell down and I then helped her up and kept her balanced until she stepped off. Initially I then left her alone and walked away. But when I saw her stumble down the stairs to the train platform I thought “shit this is dangerous she could fall right into the tracks!” No one else noticed her so I followed her down the stairs to the platform and saw her leaning forward against a LIRR train with her forehead and palms against the closed train door. The train suddenly started moving, and I then quickly reached in and snatched her pulling her away from the train. Then two cops, a male and female officer rushed down the stairs out of nowhere. The female cop yelled out at the girl “Are you kidding me! You almost just got killed by the train!” Then she looked at me and exclaimed: “And you could have went down with her!” The cops then helped her up the stairs and questioned her, followed by questioning me asking me if I knew her or ever met her before. The drunk girl then shook my hand and hugged me thanking me profusely. The female cop then shook my hand and thanked me for being there to save her from the train before sending her off to the hospital. I won’t forget this incident cause someone would have lost her life if I did what I normally would’ve done – which is be a bystander and mind my own business.