A Bucolic Encounter in Cabo, Mexico

I set my bag and hat down in a farm-to-table experience in Cabo, Mexico. The air felt hot amidst the backdrop of a late-afternoon sun shining across the fields of mango trees. Suddenly, I felt a solid movement under the wooden table…this baby doggie nestled by my legs under the wooden table solidly and comfortably, as if she had done so dozens of times before… Her beige fur felt short and warm…her body felt firm and robust…She wore a pair of dark, sad eyes, “tan triste y hermosa…” She had been looking for us…she had been looking for me…

I empathized with her deeply…I could feel her little heart was searching for a sense of belonging…for someone to show her love and care…but not just from anyone…I gently caressed her soft fur… In that moment, I became the possibility of her being embraced, soothed and welcomed.

For those momentary and precious three minutes, I recognized my animal soul mirror…my deep and momentary love. I was her caretaker, her nurturer, and she was my beloved…

And when the waiter came to carry her plump body away because our other guest was not as comfortable, I looked on with a sense of pastoral wistfulness and longing…I was the space for her sense my energies and to be back…

“A quantum moment is when truth’s rays seep through the cracking barrier you built against them.” – Wayne Dyer


Evening Inspiration

Live the life you love…” In the dark of the evening, I write in my journal about the positive things that happened during the day…Included are the vastly beautiful emotions I felt…excited, happy, adorable, cute, happy-go-lucky…

My favorite time of the day has become the night time…on the gray sofa next to the big windows that are like a grand, three-dimensional painting of the city skyline, secretly filled with stars…

The solitude is sacred…insights emerge from the depths of the dark… feelings of elatedness are experienced…

The journal has become my happiness journey.

Inspiration: a divine influence directly and immediately exerted upon the mind or soul – dictionary.com

Merry Friends


I had a Adventurer for a roommate in college, during my early twenties. We had so much fun getting into fun misadventures which we still laugh about to this very day.

I am a Peacemaker, so I would follow her lead, and was happy listening to her entertaining stories.  She is quite the irreverent spirit.

If I could be any other Enneagram type, I would choose to be an Adventurer. They have the most fun!

To Have or To Be?

Your moment to moment experience of life is as important as any set of results you produce.
The quality of your life may, in fact, be more valuable than gold.
Now, some would say that it’s the external symbols (like gold/money) that will determine the quality of your life.
More money equals more happiness, or, at least, that’s the contention.
But, maybe the quality of your life and your experience moment by moment is actually determined by something else.
Maybe the underlying context out of which you live your life is the determining factor of your normal mood from day to day.
Perhaps, if you live within a context driven by “I’m not enough,” “I don’t matter,” it’s almost impossible to build a happy internal life.
Context is always king, because context shapes content.
You can spend your whole life chasing the ghosts of self-improvement, but if your pursuit is based on the premise that you are not okay, you can never attain that which you seek.
Conversely, if you transform your context, your underlying operating system, your mood, experience, and quality of life will shift simultaneously.

Until Next Time…BE Your Best

John Hanley, Jr. – The Trainer of Transformational Trainers & Coaches

Tropical Birthday

My summer breeze birthday weekend included a series of fun-filled events. Inner bubble cocktails, amazing dinner and a delicious caviar tasting… with hints of romance, friendship and deep conversations. I’m one happy go lucky girl… 😘🍾🎂😝🐕🌻



Anna: Christmas Spirit


I love Christmas…. can you tell? Why do I love Christmas? It is an opportunity to let people know that I love them and that they matter. I do a lot of charitable work during  the Christmas season. Gifts for seniors, kids, families, and homeless people. I’ve also had elementary school kids make over 300 cards for low income seniors who didn’t have friends or families visit them. ♡

Deb: Have You Ever…?


I asked him if he’d ever felt like he gave it easily to others, but others couldn’t give the same to him. It was in reference to the concept of empathy. His response was an inspiring one…

“I think what everyone wants is to be understood, including and especially empathic types like us. I actively work to understand others and assume good intentions. Others are typically incapable of doing the same. So I must create my own understanding. I must understand myself.

As I understand more, I love more. As I love more, it eventually overflows. As it overflows, others witness how I love myself, which can help them understand how to love me and, by extension, themselves. As it overflows more, it manifests as creation, turning my internal love and understanding into external love and understanding. It amplifies my presence in space and time, which increases my chances of being understood by others, which then feeds back into them through the relationships we’ve created.

It’s not about what we deserve or what anyone owes us. It’s about what we won’t deny to ourselves. As long as we keep ourselves open, then we can attract what we need by creating what we need for ourselves first and foremost.

And if we don’t attract what we need, that’s okay. We’ll be okay, because we won’t deny ourselves understanding by only seeking it from unreliable sources.”

Delilah: What Do I Do Every Day?


From 8:30am – 5:00pm, I am busy managing my dad’s stock account. I partner with him to execute trades and get mentoring. Logging and journaling about the psychology of trades is part of the day.

I am studying the day and swing trading material, and watching and being with the live trading community. I am watching their trades, live and in action. It feels like a game at times. This week, I watched President Trump and his live speech on what’s next.

It feels like a normal full time job in a sense, and I appreciate the routine very much. I make sure to be productive and set goals, and do not get tempted by unplanned  breaks.

It feels like I still report to someone, which is funny.  Except, that someone is me. 

Valentina: Graduation Day


Ladies and gentlemen, After 6 years of hard work and sleepless nights, I have finally graduated. I now have an Associate’s, a Bachelor’s and a Master’s Degree in Accounting. I even managed to be nominated for Valedictorian for the Associate’s Degree, but opened the letter too late. 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️
I can’t even describe how happy and proud I am! During these past six years, the worst and the best happened.
Thanks to all my friends who were there for me, and understood when I wasn’t able to see them or go out because of studying, or because I was working like crazy – 6/7 days a week.

It’s Gonna be Cakes


“He flew to New York to visit his aunt on a Saturday morning. He was carrying a “funky looking grandma cake” – as he described it.  “Nothing special, not presentable, not finished.” Without a cake box to store it in, he covered it with blue plastic wrap. It looked quite ugly, frankly. But as he walked through the airport and held it in his lap on the plane, everyone had a friendly comment. The cake excited them. They invoked the birthdays of their lovers as reasons for him to give them the cake. He arrived at Kennedy and was sitting outside baggage claim, as he was overtaken with a clearheaded revelation: Cakes got people excited, even ugly grandma cakes. Cakes meant good times. Cakes were part of the celebration of life. People love to talk about cakes. The most time-consuming step in cake-making was putting a smooth finish on frosting, but this cake proved that a cake could look homemade and still trigger the drool reflex. He smelled opportunity.

That afternoon, sitting on a boat, he told his aunt, “It’s going to be cakes. Just cakes.”


– Excerpt from “What Should I do with My Life?” by Po Bronson