Monthly Archives: June, 2015

Heather: The World of Fairies & Butterflies

Just returned home after walking Cecil who knows that it is his turn for an outing after I get back from a run. Debussy’s Claire de Lune is on the stereo…I sit in the dark living room with Cecil listening peacefully. When I was a little girl I used to lay underneath the piano as …

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Debbie: Words from my Lead Coach Michelle

The first couple of days of the breakthrough, George says, “The coaching I am about to give you is worth one million dollars. How many times do you choose, how many times do you choose to be right than to be love?” Last night these incredible leaders created power and freedom behind “I from nothing can create passion…” …

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Yu: Little Girl’s Clothing

Don’t know about little girls’ clothing choices. mine went to school in shorts, a T-shirt, but calf high boots! After dinner, her friend (our neighbor) came over to jump rope in white high heels! I told her to go home and change shoes, and she came back in knee high winter boots – one in grey, …

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