Monthly Archives: March, 2013


And for one evening, I felt like a Manhattan socialite.. like a Cinderella given access to a grand ballroom of characters in elaborate costumes. Despite not being dressed for the occasion, I still had a blast (once I learned to overcome my social anxiety that has come to be extremely reliable whenever I’m placed in a …

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Heather’s Lil Boy, Lil Leprechaun!

        Today Arden went to spend time with his Dad. Before committing to this arrangement he wanted me to secure several details. He must be able to bring his special container in which he will keep the Leprechaun that he catches for a short while. (My son assured me that the little …

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Geoffrey: Winter Wonders

  One of the longest day of my life… woke up 7:30am for snowboarding, and went to icy moguls double-diamonds multiple times on 8000 elevation where air is thin, had beers on mtn restaurants, and saw the BEST park terrain ever in my life with plenty of snow on a perfectly formed half-pipe, then back …

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