Monthly Archives: May, 2013

Jason: Facing the Fire

Recently in my life I reached my all time low. I haven’t been through anything like this since I found out my daughter wasn’t mines, I was homeless, and my brother had been stabbed. This was over five years ago. In the middle of the class I received word that my grandmother was diagnosed with …


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Brian: Shoes by the Beach

My father and I placed our shoes on the sand at the beach. A little later, we came across a woman who told us that her shoes had drifted away while she was staring into the ocean. I did not think too much about the implication regarding our own shoes. After we parted ways for half …

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Debbie: Unicorns, Dreams, Wishes

I am a lively girl full of pomeranian fun and laughter. I have big dreams that entail big possibilities. . Finding the love of my life, living happily ever after… Getting my dream job and having a great boss… Getting my perfect body back at 112 pounds,  revamping my diet to eat healthy. At times, …

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Rossmery: A Magical Date

So as part of my 2013 vision, I’m creating a new bucket list and I share with my friend, one of my wishes: Me: #5: Experience a magical date: Pick me up in a limo, bring me flowers, take me to dinner to eat authentic Italian food, followed by a Broadway show, then takes me …

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