On the Way to the New Year – A Humorous Reflection of Kevin’s Self

Lady in Red

Part 1

Before fate put me on the cherry-blossumed path to the love of my life, who happens to be the founder of this treasure trove of a blog, I had thought everything was…just perfect:  my job was rewarding; I was dating like a rockstar and hitting the gym like an olympian; I was still bronzed up from Puerto Rico and totally making cool friends left and right.  Looking back, from inside out, what else could be better?  Well, as it turned out, EVERYTHING.

My existing universe first shifted last year, right around New Years.  The tremors came in the form of one gorgeous Taiwanese girl all dressed up in red.  So there one night at a rooftop lounge and rocking my two-piece slimfit suit, I meet that red Angel dripping in hot sauce and nitroglycerine.  I found her elegantly crosslegged on a couch that I wanted to be, her hair shimmered in my supersensitive lasik eyes under the cocktail lights.  Engaging her to say hello, her sparkle and energy immediately jumped out at me like a wildcat.  She was either on some sort of prescription drugs or, maybe…just maybe, really really happy.  Oh yes, she was going to be mine that night.  I see it in the city night stars.

Then…after 10mins of my best mack talk, she promptly rejects me to find something more interesting than what was in front of her…which was me.  UN-HEARD-OF.  A quick decisive recovery needed to be executed, pronto!  So I kept my cool by sliding up to the bar with a cutie.  Time loses meaning until there she is again, lady in red.  And coming towards me, and clearly NOT look for me.  Instead, she was more focused on finding a good spot to snap some photo with her doppelganger, also in a red dress.  You would think this is an explosive recipe for a Kardshian catfight but oddly enough they seemed quite happy together.

Seizing the opportunity, I doublesomersaulted to my right and asked her if she would like a much better photo than what could be afforded by her paltry iPhone 4s camera.  Never in my life have I been so thankful that I gave up the blackberry for a smartphone with a highres camera.  After the Impromptu photoshoot, and as an envoy of public service, it was only right that I get her number.  How else can a Samaritan like me properly relay those photos to her?  I must have not looked like my usual pervert at the moment because I did get her number and I did call…eventually.  It was probably the best phone call I ever made considering I was never in jail.  And then it gets really interesting…

Part 2…coming soon.


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