Afronesia – What Do You Want?!?

It’s a “WHAT DO YOU WANT” kind of day!
-I want a successful relationship no bullshit
-I want to go back to school
-I want to believe in myself like cuz I kno what I’m worth just don’t believe that I won’t fail
-I want love only in my heart not anger
-I wAnt my family back in my life
-I want my brother to stop drinking
-I want to be compassionate and not feel like I’m fake about it
-I want children @ least 3
-I want to own a nursery school And lesbian bar lol
-I wanna feel free and not ashame of what I have and don’t have
– I want all children in the world to feel and be safe and not be hungry
-I want to travel to different countries especially survinng countries and physically rebuild them -I want to explore nature
-I want to stop violence and drug addictions
– I want friends I can trust
-I want to get in shape abs and all and stay in shape
– last BUT DEF NOT LEAST I want all race and genders to have equal rights!


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