Debbie: A Celebration of Sparkles

I am the possibility of celebration, sparkles and surprises. For the first time in 12 years, with my newfounded (1.5 year old)  paradigm shift,  I feel good being one year older.

My birthday was intensely sparkly. We had dinner at this French restaurant called Bouley. The bar area was like a classy indoor garden.  K had a sparkling bellini waiting for me at the bar area, which always makes the night magical!  I am lucky that he loves taking photos and tries to get the best shots and backgrounds, including this flower background below. It was  romantic and charming.

My friends Stephanie and Jenny came. We were led downstairs to a classy vampirical dungeon with bits of library thrown in…that’s the best way to describe it. See below for the chandelier dripping with vampire blood.

We had 6 people serving us. We asked the sommelier to bring out champagne and peach puree on the side, but he refused. LOL. We had fatty foi gras – for the first time I enjoyed it rather than not. I had a lobster dish. We got great desserts – 5 total (1 birthday dessert). The girls made fun of me that K and I are such camera w$^*%s and that we have such definitive facial expressions and poses. It was so funny. It’s great to be able to laugh at yourself. I enjoy watching people mock other people, including myself.

Later on, we went to Slate and I saw so many friends. It was great seeing everyone. Bellinis with a cherry in it are the best. This year, I “surrendered” – “Right now, this is it, and it’s perfect. It is what it is, and it isn’t what it isn’t.” Being in the present moment rather than being attached to who is or isn’t there was great.

The next day, I saw this beautiful card that a friend wrote, which had me feeling quite sparkly.

Life is good!


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