Salina: Games and Hobbies!

What’s next for me? —– New job and better opportunities. Success comes not only from experience, but from passion. After taking recent Abundance and Prosperity workshop, I realized what is my career vision. I had put a lot of thought and heart into this and discovered that the industry I have a passion for are games and hobbies! From 1998 to 2005; I had the pleasure to run a business call ALL FUN AND GAMES. I was the Buyer and Assistant Manager. This retail establishment sold anywhere from darts to pool tables; chess boards to high-end backgammon sets; bingo sets to casino equipment. All that involves indoor games for adults and kids. I had such a fun learning experience and opportunity in visiting trade shows, negotiating with vendors, and selling. I even grew to love educating customers so that they were willing to spend more money for quality and service. In truth, I want to run my own game store offering anywhere from “little kid” to “big kid” games. My business will hold exclusive leagues, tournaments, and fundraisers to support various causes. Your support will be greatly appreciated. Please get in contact with any potential leads that may be in a similar industry. Ask if they are open to sharing their information with me as a contact. I want to build a few new connections as well as having solid job referrals.


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