Debbie: A Theatrical Sensation…

We danced to a romantic tune on our first encounter… Our rendezvous point was set to take place at “Vu” at the Hyatt Hotel. Upon arrival, I whispered to the hostess in my singsong melody that things were unfolding in a flight of fancy… I had just embarked on a new career, and now was waiting for someone special. She sat me by a magnificent view of the water where the gleaming city skyline peacefully rested against the panorama of my eyes…It was like a classy cruise ship was about to set sail in a river of dreams. In my reverie of romance, our waiter prefaced two sparkling champagnes with a gentle “Congratulations on your new  job.” I turned around, wondering surreptitiously, “Where is he?”, thinking how winsome it was that he would send this gift as an appetizer to prepare me for his dark and handsome presence.  However, he was nowhere to be seen. How titillating it was to think that the sparkling champagne was a gift without expectations, created by my way of being. Shortly thereafter, he arrived, and my heart skipped a beat.  He asked me intriguing questions about my character. We enjoyed a scrumptious gnocchi dish and a delicate crab cake of mango nuances. We spoke of our passions and fears, feminine grace and masculine power, straight from the crevices of our hearts. His hand lingered and I looked away with the slightest of smiles. Eventually, slowly but surely, I found myself being cast into a captivating spell.
It was a prelude to our lives to come…a flashback of intriguing courtship… an affair of the heart…
But, most of all, it was a theatrical sensation of love.
(We went on a date as though it was our first date)
Backdrop music: Valley of the Dolls theme



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