Debbie: A Torrid Love Affair (A Riddle)

On Tuesday morning, I engage in a torrid love affair with you.    Our interaction is a tornado of intensity, a whirlpool of emotions, all swirled into a cup of chocolate love. Without you, my eyes become dull, and my back becomes hunched. I am nothing but a girl who has lost the livelihood from her very eyes. This trail of loneliness is too much to bear; it is then I long for the juices of creation; I sing a silent song for you in my head, a dim melody of dread.  When the kiss of your bitter sweetness reaches my lips, I become a Christmas tree that lights up – you are,  again, back in my arms –  my charm, my lover, my magic potion of winsome love. Without you, my trail of giggles are nothing but an effervescent addiction to transience. The weekends are a different love story. I rendezvous with other elixir-like passions, concoctions of berries and sherries. However, the man of my dreams is right beside me, there to cater to my every whim. It is on that fateful Saturday morning that I learned to let you go…fully realizing all over again, that I no longer long for you, no longer need you… I am finally free from your possessive grasp.

Unexpectedly, you come alive in my heart again on Monday morning.

(This is a riddle)


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