Debbie: Lil Goodies of Life!

unicorn black and goldUnicorns to me represent magic, dreams and wishes! Looking forward to Bring it On on Broadway…Feeling AMAZING after the acupuncture mixed with physical therapy mixed with cupping…cooking real Chinese fancy chicken soup for the first time for someone…wearing this spectacular pink apron…dressing the part! apronLoving my job and being in flow… time is warped…liking my colleagues…loving my beau…he is such a compelling writer! Crab soup dumplings..spicy! smiling at sweet nothingness. Cookies’n’Creme cupcake at The Cupcake Salon! cupcake salonA holiday date in the heart of Times Square with people we look up to, and a mysterious, glowing tree!  Enjoying mimosas and scrumptious pasta with the right concoction of creaminess. Watching 666 Park Ave…just enough horror mixed with classy elegance and charm!

us 3


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