Angelique – Sooo Happy and Excited!

puddingI’m sooo freakin happy and excited! It feels like I’m climbing a mountain. Elevating myself to a new higher level of awesome. Yeah sure I’m really sick right now, completely single and things are perfect or exactly the way I wish them to be but feels like so what cause right now everything feels perfect and only getting better. I’m living in the now. I started doing stuff off of my Bucket List I’ve always wanted to do. I have my dog who is my bff. A job I enjoy and isn’t perfect and I don’t know whats gonna happen but I’m so focused on enjoying right now that I finally found a way to shut up my over loaded overly analytic brain. I’m enjoying making myself happy cause first and for most thats what matters most. Everyday I go to work and leave with a giant smile on my face and I totally mean it! I feel like things are falling into place I’m focused and in control, making stuff happen. I’m creating. I have clarity. I’m brave enough to take the leap not knowing what will happen. I know exactly specific what sort of life I want, who I aim to be and what sort of people I wish to share my life with….In short LIFE IS FREAKIN’ AWESOME…WHY? because thats how I feel right now. I could think it to death focusing on the pros and cons but I won’t because it feels like my Heart is finally leading the way and my heart just says climb, jump and enjoy no worries. I am alive and blessed with many gifts. I love myself, my family and friends and my many blessings. Sometimes it’s the small things in life that makes you smile. Like I said LIFE IS FREAKIN’ I don’t need a reason to feel that way :o) I’m worthy of greatness because I am full of greatness.


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