Heather’s Lil Boy, Lil Leprechaun!







Today Arden went to spend time with his Dad. Before committing to this arrangement he wanted me to secure several details. He must be able to bring his special container in which he will keep the Leprechaun that he catches for a short while. (My son assured me that the little fellow’s captivity would be brief and that he would be cared for with LOVE.)

He must have one tree to hide behind and another approximately 4′ away to which he could throw his lasso to capture a Leprechaun.

“What colors,” he asked with utmost seriousness “other than green, are Leprechauns most attracted to?”

John’s quick thinking and proximity to the cereal aisle at the time allowed me to provide the answer ” Yellow moons, pink hearts, green clovers and blue diamonds!” Arden made sure to at least gather special arts and crafts items of the appropriate colors.

Finally, when his Dad came to pick him up, he asked for chocolate to put inside his Leprechaun container.

Oh let the magic never end!!!!  Happy St. Patrick’s Day All! Wishing you a magical day of LOVE, imagination and abundance! ♥


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