Debbie: Cherry Blossoms, Spring Love

pink building 3

April. The season of cherry blossoms and spring love. I feel adrenaline shooting through my veins, an impassioned longing for these beautiful florets of pink. I revel in the fantasy it promises, the happily ever after it dangles. But, I am stopped by the cruelty of finding the perfect decor. Where is my lover, the one who calls me his muse? Where is the one who will capture these moments in the form of photography? What about the perfect outfit that shall match the pinkesse backdrop? Not to mention, time is of the essence…the sunset, once a glorifying purveyor of pink skies, is now my darkest enemy. I am soon on the edge of efflorescent hell.
 In perfection I must dwell, but in passion I fell.
Because, what amazing beauty there is in evanescence, in scarcity. As the ephemeral blushes of rosebud start fading into an oblivion of green nature, I am drawn even closer, my heartstrings pulling even crazier than before.  As the days, the hours, pass by and my longing intensifies… I ask…should I stop waiting for everything to fall in place? Shall I just run into the shades of pink, savoring the moment, letting my hair flow wild?
In the end, I recall a brief ecstatic moment, when we posed for a picture and he shook the tree ever so delicately. It rained dainty pink petals of romance.

Raining Blossoms


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