Philip: Dancing through Life!

deedee lab Dexters-Lab

I’ve dove into a lot of opportunities in my life. Things I questioned before hand thinking “oh it’s not that big of a deal”, I can maybe do it another time. Or later!! Also things that are once in a lifetime events or situations I only could do once. It doesn’t matter how silly or over the top it may be to get there or experience it. It’s just about making sure I do it. Life in the end should not be looked back on and wondered what if I would have done that? It should be a constant risk taking journey. I know in the midst of my insanity and fogs of “doing whatever it takes” to get there are tough and somewhat viewed as ridiculous. But I’m here say persistence pays off. I would say the majority of my excitement comes from the scariness I put myself through in order to get what makes me happy. Always remember its not the destination but the journey you go through that means the most. The destination is just the icing on the cake and maybe even with a candle on top to add some extra light. Go for it no matter what the outcome and without expectations!!


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