Debbie: Cute Moments

almond cookieI got left a large Chinese almond cookie, the size of my hand, on someone’s desk.  A few days later, I instant messaged him to ask how he liked it. Here’s his response:

“Thank you. Yesterday, I suffered difficulty because I didn’t know who kindly put it on my desk… I’m afraid if someone erroneously put it on my desk..Now I can enjoy!”

It made me smile.  =)

Now I want to make almond cookie ice cream – Vanilla ice cream and almond cookie crushed in the blender. Mmmm..

factoryIt reminds me of The Chinatown Ice Cream Factory.  And after or before that, I’ll get crab soup dumplings too with lots of hot sauce, sitting in and enjoying the cute moments of life.

crab soup dumplings


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