Mac: Glory…

pandaOne of my boys (Venezuelan-Italian) called me a while back to tell me about some challenges he was facing in his career and what he intended to do. I asked him to give me a few days to think it over and get back to him as far as what I thought the best solution might be. I called him back in a couple of days after thinking and, in utter honesty, told him I didn’t like his plans. I proposed a solution and we both explored possible options. I asked him to apply to a number of companies in his field of interest (financial services and banking). He followed my advice and did so. He got two offers and, surprisingly, one of the companies (multinational financial institution) called him to say, “You applied for this (non-managerial position), but we want to offer you a managerial position (Manager), which we thought about and he accepted. Last Sunday, he called to say, “Mac, you always look dapper. I was wondering if you might want to come shopping with me and give me some advice on suits and how to look good for my new role.” I did just that. Now, leadership is about helping others realize their potentials while realizing yours. I am sure he’ll do fantastic. To God be the glory!


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