Robert: Believe in Yourself

lionToday I finished my last class of graduate school. And though I am not technically done as a result of going back on dialysis, I can say that I am proud of myself and all the hard work and sacrifice it took to get to where I am today. This will be my second Masters degree as soon as I cross my T’s and dot my I’s. If you would have asked me as a teenager growing up in East Harlem during the tumultuous 80’s, a high school diploma was questionable and highly unlikely. For those of you who know my story know that nothing comes easy for me, but you also know that I am as strong as they come and I have the gumption to believe when others may have questioned my decisions. Life is still throwing me curve balls and I continue to square them up and line them into the gaps – I will continue to do so until its my time.
Message in all of this, Don’t quit. There will be moments and spaces of time where that seems like the best thing to do and it will be presented to you on a beautiful platter – don’t eat it. Believe in yourself when others don’t. Believe in your strength when you are at your weakest and never give up on you. Have faith – in you, in your God, in your Universe and in those who love you.




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