Debbie: Words from my Lead Coach Michelle


The first couple of days of the breakthrough, George says, “The coaching I am about to give you is worth one million dollars. How many times do you choose, how many times do you choose to be right than to be love?”

Last night these incredible leaders created power and freedom behind “I from nothing can create passion…” or any other way of “being.”

So I leave with you his million dollar coaching…How many times do you choose to be “right” than to “be love?” From judgment, you will never empower anyone to grow or serve; from judgment, you will never give people the desire to know you, nonetheless love you. Stop holding people prisoners of your own judgments…and begin by setting yourself free from all the drama and all those conversations of he said, she said, he’s not good enough, she’s not great….We are all children of God! And yet the world is so fucked up that if you choose to be right, trust me, you will find much evidence for what you choose to prove. However, a REAL leader looks around and creates his vision regardless of what is around him by beginning with themselves and with their immediate surroundings. THE POWER OF CHOICE!

Lets fly team…get ready to see these leaders fly into their vision!!


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