Autumn: Birthday Year in Review

Dear 31st year of life, cheers… you were truly magnificent & wonderful overall! I welcome you, 32!

You got comfortable with fitness and gym life. You kept going to therapy, you planned a destination wedding, you married the human of your dreams, you got another promotion, you dealt with unexpected death and loss, you found greater purpose again, you sought mentors, you mentored others, you started writing a memoir, you finished the Aveda mastery series, you surprised your family with a trip, you survived having 4 toes operated on while walking, working and living in NYC, you piloted your coaching program…. you did pretty ok 😁 I love you and all your imperfections… cheers to 32 and a new adventure with your husband, coming soon… version 3.0: San Diego, CA!!!! .

Yep, that’s right y’all, we are relocating as of mid-September. On this birthday, I have given myself the gift of being brave and leaning into the truth of all that we want that isn’t available to us here in Brooklyn (yet)! SoCal here we come! Five weeks left at Parlor: I’d love to do your hair again before my last shift in Brooklyn!


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