Samuel: The Turning Point

kissesWhat’s on my mind at a time of happiness? Just a bit before this year, I naively believed that a “9 to 5” job would always bring food onto the table, working hard is better than going back to school, spoiling the girl is the way to make her happy, living in a place that I called “our home”, and trusting in a woman that would not leave me. Then these lovely thoughts threw me into a lost pit. Somewhere I bumped into many walls to climb out of. Next thing you know, I stopped reaching out, and started to believe in only one thought – anyone could walk away instead, and let them go. Because that only person who will let you out of the pit is yourself. Life will lead you to the good people, and to be thankful at times like these. Moving away was a turning point. So, – Lindenhurst, I love you.


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