To Have or To Be?

Your moment to moment experience of life is as important as any set of results you produce.
The quality of your life may, in fact, be more valuable than gold.
Now, some would say that it’s the external symbols (like gold/money) that will determine the quality of your life.
More money equals more happiness, or, at least, that’s the contention.
But, maybe the quality of your life and your experience moment by moment is actually determined by something else.
Maybe the underlying context out of which you live your life is the determining factor of your normal mood from day to day.
Perhaps, if you live within a context driven by “I’m not enough,” “I don’t matter,” it’s almost impossible to build a happy internal life.
Context is always king, because context shapes content.
You can spend your whole life chasing the ghosts of self-improvement, but if your pursuit is based on the premise that you are not okay, you can never attain that which you seek.
Conversely, if you transform your context, your underlying operating system, your mood, experience, and quality of life will shift simultaneously.

Until Next Time…BE Your Best

John Hanley, Jr. – The Trainer of Transformational Trainers & Coaches


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