Cindy: Putting Others First


Leaving the bank today, I witnessed a great act of humanity. A lady’s dog escaped her truck (leash and all). He ran across a busy road, nearly getting hit several times by cars. I counted five cars who stopped to help this poor lady rescue her dog. She was in tears and frantic. People ran from every direction trying to coax the dog to them. I felt helpless because I am still unable to walk. Within about five minutes a lady was able to coax the dog by offering him a dog treat. When this happened everyone in the area cheered. It put a smile on my face. Good things do happen, when people put others first.


Jeff: An Act of Heroism


As I was walking down the escalator to Penn station after a party I saw an extremely intoxicated girl in heels and a miniskirt in front of me stumbling down the escalator. She fell down and I then helped her up and kept her balanced until she stepped off. Initially I then left her alone and walked away. But when I saw her stumble down the stairs to the train platform I thought “shit this is dangerous she could fall right into the tracks!” No one else noticed her so I followed her down the stairs to the platform and saw her leaning forward against a LIRR train with her forehead and palms against the closed train door. The train suddenly started moving, and I then quickly reached in and snatched her pulling her away from the train. Then two cops, a male and female officer rushed down the stairs out of nowhere. The female cop yelled out at the girl “Are you kidding me! You almost just got killed by the train!” Then she looked at me and exclaimed: “And you could have went down with her!” The cops then helped her up the stairs and questioned her, followed by questioning me asking me if I knew her or ever met her before. The drunk girl then shook my hand and hugged me thanking me profusely. The female cop then shook my hand and thanked me for being there to save her from the train before sending her off to the hospital. I won’t forget this incident cause someone would have lost her life if I did what I normally would’ve done – which is be a bystander and mind my own business.

Debbie: My Piano Romance

white pianooo

I am amazed, yet ironically, not surprised,  at the unleashing of my own potential. Just spending an hour per day has made classical music learning and composition a habit and a surefire passion that I look forward to each evening. When I see “her,” this grand black beauty of a song, I am left struck…When I work on this big-eyed baby, it is straight up focus and I am left  somewhere within the spectrum of in flow, all smiles, and euphoricIt is nothing short of a New Age love affair.

Initially I committed to spending just 20 minutes per day. 20 minutes soon turned into an hour, sometimes two. That Saturday, when the clock struck midnight, the glass slipper was not found…because it was never lost. Four hours, some spilling into the wee hours of the morning, became within the spiritual realm of normal.

I believe in who I am, and what my musical talents are, and no one can take that away from me. When someone tells you that you won’t succeed, it is but a reflection of their own limitations, not yours. Surround yourself with people who inspire you, motivate you, and believe in you and you will be lifted higher and higher into seeing yourself for your potential.

Thank you so much to Hadar for initiating and enrolling us all into PSP Life. I am sure it has made a huge difference for many others as well. What a legacy you have created!   I have not felt so consistently, keyword “consistently,” motivated and committed, creating results after results, songs and tunes among the garden variety of creativity, in a while.  I just submitted my first ever official piece over for a romantic classical music piece for a television show featuring a wedding. I kept playing the piece over and over…and it felt absolutely heavenly.  Love is in the air.

Philip: Being Tina Turner!

Female doll dressed as beauty queen, portrait

When I was 5 years old. My mother knew my love for Tina… I was obsessed with Whats Love Got To Do With IT…. loved the video, look, etc.. I wanted to be her. My mother and I were in the drug store shopping and I happened to be in the section of beauty with her and noticed the LEE press on nails. I asked my mother for them and red nail polish so I could be Tina for the day and perform the song. The supportive mother I have in ALL I wanted bought them for me. got home.. helped me put them on and I popped in the cassette into my boom box, did a performance of the song…(in the front yard). I felt alive, in touch and on fire as Tina always made me feel. She helped me understand how to feel when I perform. Just makes sense.. I thank my mother till this day for allowing me to be ME…. Parents who support their kids through every interest without judgement is allowing their child to grow creatively and organically. When parents shun things away out of fear is when the creative bus starts to melt away. Let your kids shine and let them be themselves in every moment of life.

Debbie: Grand Piano Dreams Turned Reality

grand piano

I am most honored to share with you that after several years of pondering in a pipe dream mentality, I have finally decided to embark on a long-awaited journey to being a classical music composer. After taking weekly piano lessons for years during my childhood times, continuously reading off others’ scores and perfecting them until the next lesson, I recently realized, 15 years later, that I also harbor a fiery excitement and ability to create beautiful musical pieces. I am not sure exactly how it will look like, but I will say this: The journey has officially started. My vision is to inspire others to great heights through the musical word of the piano note. And yes, you are probably wondering what I will do with my day job. I absolutely plan on progressing in my career in employee engagement & development, until the end of time, as it is another huge passion of mine. And, I am asking all of you for support. If any of you have any contacts of friends or acquaintances in the music industry, specifically related to composing music, (e.g. songwriting, any instrumental, people in bands, musical commercials, films, selling CDs, playing in subways, etc)  I would be most appreciative and honored to learn more…do send me a pm or comment on the below. Thank you, thank you!

Tamara: Career Breakthrough!









So I’m acting as the Office Manager in lieu of a recent employee’s departure from the firm, and I’ve been given an immediate salary increase, corporate card, authorization to buy whatever I need for myself & the office, plus a new iPhone for business purposes. And I’ve been tasked with hiring temps as needed, sourcing vendors and attending business meetings and functions for the office. I’ll also be in Edinburgh much sooner than I thought. This is so exciting! If all goes well I can solidify my role by mid-year and get my new “official” salary. So birthday drinks are also going to be a celebration of success in my professional life. Yay!

Josselyne: Possibilities!


Getting ready to lead the landmark forum this weekend…Mother’s Day weekend…what a great place to spend Mother’s Day especially since it was my mother who originally did transformational work…i cannot believe i get to lead the forum…a total dream come true.

Tamara: Maybe Love…


Maybe it’s not that he/she doesn’t want to be there for you. Maybe at some point you acted as though you didn’t want or need him/her around. Maybe people get tired of fighting for space in your life, and that’s fine, because maybe they just don’t belong there and that’s also fine. Maybe there are people willing to move heaven and Earth to stay relevant to you, and that’s fine. Maybe others aren’t, and that’s also fine. It doesn’t mean they don’t love you. You spend so much time quantifying and qualifying a person’s love for you that you overlook the numerous ways it shows up in your life. It needs to look one way and when it doesn’t look that way, it doesn’t count. Some people are cool with proving their love for you by showing it your way. And some people love themselves enough to know they deserve the love of someone who accepts the way THEY love. Take it or leave it, it’s all fine.

Michelle: The Mirror


It always begins and ends with us.. Look in the mirror. There’s our hero. Never settle for less than what our heart tells us is real. It’s out there. But it’s a must to begin the search within. Dive full force towards your heart’s inner calling and faith will lead the way, creating one of the most amazing adventures ever to be lived.

Cindy: Blessed

Tomorrow evening marks the 30th anniversary of the night that changed my life forever. At the age of 17 my boyfriend was killed in a car accident. I was supposed to be with him that evening. New Year’s eve day has always been the most difficult day of the year for me. Three days after the loss of my boyfriend, I found out I was pregnant. My daughter Autumn is now 29 years old. I forever I’m grateful that he left me such a wonderful gift. Autumn and I grew up together. We struggled through many rough times. And, it made us so grateful for what we have today. Being a single parent was difficult. But the gift of life was so worth it. David will always be in my heart. Until the day we meet again, once again I thank him for the joy that he brought into my life. He is the reason I am who I am today. He chose the wonderful husband that would later be the father to Autumn. Christopher  has been the best father anyone could ever have. I am blessed.