Deb: Have You Ever…?


I asked him if he’d ever felt like he gave it easily to others, but others couldn’t give the same to him. It was in reference to the concept of empathy. His response was an inspiring one…

“I think what everyone wants is to be understood, including and especially empathic types like us. I actively work to understand others and assume good intentions. Others are typically incapable of doing the same. So I must create my own understanding. I must understand myself.

As I understand more, I love more. As I love more, it eventually overflows. As it overflows, others witness how I love myself, which can help them understand how to love me and, by extension, themselves. As it overflows more, it manifests as creation, turning my internal love and understanding into external love and understanding. It amplifies my presence in space and time, which increases my chances of being understood by others, which then feeds back into them through the relationships we’ve created.

It’s not about what we deserve or what anyone owes us. It’s about what we won’t deny to ourselves. As long as we keep ourselves open, then we can attract what we need by creating what we need for ourselves first and foremost.

And if we don’t attract what we need, that’s okay. We’ll be okay, because we won’t deny ourselves understanding by only seeking it from unreliable sources.”


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