The Life of Your Dreams

*The Sparkled Life*

What is it?
The Sparkled Life ( is an emerging non-for-profit gem in the Internet designed to empower creative people like you to connect with and share your dreams.

If someone were to ask you, “How would you like to live the life of your dreams…today?” how would you respond? The Sparkled Life invites you to embark on a journey to live the life you love, as if it’s happening… right now. If you were to close your eyes and visualize that possiblity, how would you feel? Describe it… feel it…be it. This is your life. Now.

How it works
Email us a depiction of the life of your dreams, or of you doing something that you love. It could be a writing piece, art, personal essay, photos, comic strips, answers to life questions, videos, songs, musical pieces… the list goes on. The most important thing is to be free, honest, and open. The piece will be shared on this website,

What’s in it for you? What’s possible?
Inspiration… Motivation… Clarity… Joy… Putting your desires out to the Universe… Connecting with others with similar dreams… getting support in making your dreams come true… Empowering others to connect with their dreams by sharing your own dreams…

Tips to Get Started for Personal Essays! (recommended)

If you choose to write a writing sample, see below for questions to get you visualizing the life you love. We suggest you write your vision in the present tense, like it’s happening now.

How would your life be like if it was a 10 out of 10?

What are your passions?

What excites you about your day?

What are your authentic goals, ones that make you, and no one else, happy?

What inspires you?

What has you cry tears of joy?

What are you grateful for in your life?

What would be the milestones in your life?

What hobbies would you continue enjoying? Start doing?

What are you guilty pleasures? Are they really “guilty”?

Describe the relationship of your dreams. How would it feel like?

Where would you travel? What would you do?

What do you do that has you feeling fulfilled? Joyful?

How would your relationship with your significant other be like?

What would it take to touch your heart?

What foods do you savor? Desserts?

What are your happiest childhood memories?

What/who makes you smile/laugh like never before?

What pets would you own?

What would your relationship be like with nature?


Email your submission to Debbie at I would invite you to say BY WHEN =)  I ask that it be sent before April 30th. Why wait to live the life of your dreams?





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