Debbie’s Sparkled Life

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The Possibility of Beautiful Love

I am living the life of my dreams.
I am in a relationship with the man of my dreams. He is faithful, loyal and trustworthy. He treats melike a princess, and I treat him like a king. I can count on him for anything.He is inspiring and empowering, as well as charismatic. Heinspires me to be a better woman every day. He is influential and assertive, a rulebreaker when the time calls for it. He empowers me to be my best. It washim who motivated me to take on dancing again, which had alwaysone of my childhood passions.  He likes to make a difference with thosearound him. I am always attracted to him. The way he walks – he’s gotswagger! – the way he talks – he’s got game! – the way he looks me in the eyeand makes me feel special…I feel so taken care of and pampered when I’m withhim, not to mention, so in love.

He’s ambitious in his career, and always thirsts for the truth, as well as selfdevelopment.

He’s great withwords…the communication between us is like poetry and song at its deepestcore.

He treatsboth his own family and mine very well. He is very respectful andcaring to them. He is my Prince Charming. With him, there is always anexciting ending, a happily ever after. With him, I know we are safe andsecure, and I am in good hands. He is an alpha male bundle of love. I canhardly believe that I finally found my soul mate.

We go on vacationevery few months. We went to Barcelona, other parts of Spain, Portugal andFrance. It was the trip of a lifetime. We also went on a cruise by theCarribean a few months ago. Every day with him is nothing short of an excitingadventure. He knows what it means – the gift of being alive and making thepresent count. We explore rare parts of the city together. We try out alldifferent sorts of food and various cuisines. We go wine and dine, and alsocheck out the local little eats. I weigh 115 pounds because of his support. Itell him when I need to stop eating, and he holds me to it. It works out reallywell. We do spontaneous things also.

When we havedifferences in opinion, we sit down and find ways to make it a win win.There is no lasting need to be right… only the possibility tobe love.  We both see breakdowns as just another opportunity to havea breakthrough in our relationshis. In fact, we’ve come to both welcomebreakdowns. We see solutions in terms of the relationship, not on an individuallevel.

Above everything, weare the best of friends.

He makes me feel likea nine-cow woman.

I go dancing with himon a weekly basis. I feel great – I’m always at a comfortable temperature.I do yoga with my girlfriends. I’ve never felt more energetic and healthy in mylife. We drink fruit smoothies on a daily basis – we take turns makingthem in our Midtown Manhattan apartment. We both went mostly vegetarian -sometimes we change it up on purpose. We eat lots of healthy foods. We radiateour best selves every day.

About our apartment- we own a 2-bedroom apartment by 59th street Columbus Circle.There’s an Aroma Coffee right next to us. We get brunch in different spots, andit’s amazing and savory. Eggs benedict, Korean food… yum! We also havehomemade Chinese food whenever we want. We have cooking fests,too.  In April, we went to Central Park and took so many pictures by thecherry blossoms. In July, we went on a hot air balloon ride.

I have a bffrelationship with my mother. She took PD – all 3 parts. She’s finally become apromoter supporter, but still retains her logical side. She is HAPPY with herlife. She is pursuing her own hobbies and interests.

My brother is doinggreat in college. His tuition is paid for. We have a relationship where we bothshare with each other the happenings of our lives.

I am a woman of myword. My word is my bond. I trust myself entirely. When I have commitments, Ifulfill them.I take after my mother now, in this way.

I have great, intimaterelationships with my girlfriends. We go to dinner and have drinks on a regularbasis.

I am a master enroller and influencer. I touch, move and inspire peoplewherever I go, especially my mom, dad, brother, and man.

I seniored again forPersonal Dynamics, and this time with completely different,amazing results. My, was I in for a big surprise.

Speaking of surprises,life is filled with fantastic surprises, magical, enchanting stories. Well,what can I say? I am living the sparkled life.


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