Cory’s Ideal/Current Life


 How would your life be like if it was a 10 out of 10?  It would mean all of my dreams have been fulfilled; all of my goals, essentially, realized.   What are your passions?   Music, writing (songs / poetry), illustration, fitness, martial arts
What excites you about your day?  Having a plan!  That is the big first.  Without a plan, there is no direction.  Without direction, there can be no chance of reaching your goals.
What are your authentic goals, ones that make you, and no one else, happy?  Two main goals… 1.  Finish my musical project, and get it out there, perform it live.  Make a career.  That would make me happy.  However, people may find joy in my product, too. 2.  Get my body where I envision it, and market it (modelling).  Use the end-product of my labors to inspire others to live fit, and strive for their best.   What inspires you?   Anything.  Be it a place with a special atmosphere, a time period, thought / memory.  People, of course, also inspire me — especially those ahead of me in the goals I pursue, who seem to be on a similar path.
What would be the milestones in your life?  Releasing my first record.  Playing my first show with that project.  Those are a good start, they would grow larger scale from there (like touring). What hobbies would you continue enjoying? Start doing?  Music, art, writing, martial arts, fitness, and astronomy.
What are you guilty pleasures? Are they really “guilty”?  Junk food.  However, that can be a plus in keeping my metabolism revved in my fitness goals.  I don’t mean binging all the time, but now and then.
Where would you travel? What would you do?  Not much of a traveller, unless my work takes me somewhere for its furtherment.
What do you do that has you feeling fulfilled? Joyful?  Music and bodybuilding.
What would it take to touch your heart?  Happens all the time.  It can be as simple as a powerful song, or a simple act of kindness (not necessarily towards me, but witnessed).  The possiblities are varied.
What foods do you savor? Desserts?  Indian and Thai, top two favorites.  Desserts — anything baked, not so much candies.
What pets would you own?  I own five birds, and love them to death.  That said, I have had cats, dogs, hamsters, and rabbits.  All very special.
What would your relationship be like with nature?  Love / hate.  I love nature — the look, smells, sounds, feeling… but my allergies do not.  I rather enjoy it from afar, or in photographs.  That being said, Autumn is a big influence in my writing, with Winter taking second place.  Mostly due to the atmosphere of those seasons, and their poetic representations relative to my subject-matter.


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