Kevin’s Dream that Already Happened

I close my eyes and feel the air permeating my lungs.  In the darkness, I become present to all the wonderful gifts love has provided me.  A soft touch on my toes and I open my eyes.  My lover, Debbie, is already awake and have been comforting me in my sleep with her warm caress.  We have been married for a year now and our love grows stronger with each passing day.  I reach over to rub her belly under the sheets.  She is one month pregnant and I can already feel the life growing within.  I pause to let that moment soak in.

As Debbie eagerly gets ready for work, I run upstairs to my second floor tenant family to share homemade pastries with them.  They are not my best creations but the kids are delighted.  The parents thank us for the treats.  Both Debbie and I take the train together and being to share our morning thoughts.  After we reach our departure point, we kiss and embrace each other.  We declare our intentions for the day by whispering in each other’s ears.  We do not stress because whatever that we declared has already happened.

When I arrive at work, I am happy to see the people that support me in keeping the company strong.  We are all on the same boat and every one rows.  After work, I go to gym while Debbie takes her dance class.  We meet up afterwards to have dinner with her parents.  They are happy because they worked out their differences.  During dinner, we call up Brian, Debbie’s brother in college.  He is happy to hear our voices and misses us all.  After our meal, we hug Debbie’s parents and head home.  It was a nice night.

As we drift off in bed, I tell Debbie how fortunate I am to have her in my life.  We share our intimate thoughts while we hug.  As I close my eyes and dream, I feel her warmth.  I wake up in my dreams and realize that everything I’ve every wanteed has already happened.  In my dreams, Debbie is already caressing me with her eyes.


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