Debbie: Time Travel…in Brooklyn

I decided to be proactive and signed Kevin and I up for an art workshop, as we are both artistic but have not tapped into our talents for quite some time. We ended up taking the train to Williamsburg. We explored the are for bellinis and finally found one, and had a nice brunch.

The art class was great. We enrolled people to give us their front row seats.  We traced a Picasso picture called “Cafe Terrace at Night.” Interestingly, the place really does exist in Paris!

The most amazing part was being “in flow”…a warped perception of time…happiness… a semi-challenge. I felt great to know that I am still in love with creativity and art, and that it makes me feel happy.

Then, we went to this garden restaurant called DuMont and had drinks…it was so pretty. And… pear bellinis! The biggest surprise was when Kevin and I did a role play of our first date. Suddenly, I was back in time, 5 months ago. He was so charming that I couldn’t quite believe it. I felt self-c0nscious and breathless, yet charmed and somewhat shy. In fact, I felt like I was in flow… time seemed to stand still…a warped perception of time. I was in the zone and the world consisted of only me and him. It was so magical, and I loved every moment of it. It was like time travel.


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