Heather – Carnival in the Rain – with Arden!

I was recovering from some kind of bronchitis b.s and surrendered to my body needing rest today. Feeling guilty for sending Arden out to play with a neighborhood buddy, which was probably what he should have been doing anyway, I obliged him by going to a carnival a couple towns over tonight. As soon as we got in the car it started raining, but he didn’t care, and  was I really going to let a lit…tle rain stop us?!!! So tonight I got to spend $20 to walk around a carnival IN THE RAIN!!!  We went on one ride and the Merry go Round together and Arden went into half of a mirror maze, (the other half on the top floor was closed due to rain) and  one other ride by himself!  We topped off the evening with a $5 oreo flurry that Arden couldn’t finish!  It was past his bedtime when we got home, and I felt like a complete failure as a parent. I kept  telling myself that Arden would always look back fondly on the night Mom went out in the rain to the carnival with him, but he may just end up saying “I really knew how to get what I wanted from you!”  Either way, I got to be a little  crazy with my boy, and that was probably worth the price of admission, et al., right there! Lol

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