Genevieve: What a Life!

Hello everyone! Hope everyone is enjoying the cool, Fall weather. This summer was awesome, wasn’t it? Thank you for all your support these past few years; I love writing these updates to stay on each other’s radars for anything. If you don’t follow me on Facebook/Instagram/Twitter/LinkedIn/GetGlue or any of those addictive networks, a LOT of great changes have happened!

Finished a 12-month marketing internship at Lancome. Now I work for L’Oreal Paris, which is just 5 floors down! I work for the cosmetics team in marketing. Just like my internship, playing w/makeup is still my day job. And playing with digital apps too!
Had to put off my freelance makeup & amway biz to focus on my career. At 27, i still have my 30s/40s/50s/60s/70s to establish “The Empire.” I have been updating my blog & recently set up a new Facebook fan page for myself as a “360-Degree Beauty Maven”. Comment & Like!
In other news…
I crossed off some more things on my list over the summer, including a “solo-cation” to Puerto Rico after not taking a vacay in 8 years! Additionally I moved into Manhattan! It’s a dream apartment and the building’s amenities make the cost totally worth it.

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