Debbie: Halloween Peradventure!

Peradventure = Chance. What an amazing day! After an awesome meeting with a  few associates, I decided to explore the neighborhood of Hoboken – the city of the quaint. After a few Peeping Tom moments sprinkled with some awe and wonderment, I ended up at the Halloween Store, and boy, was it crazy in there! So many things were slashed down to $19.99 or less, cut from $49.99, $59.99, and $69.99! In fact, one lady said she sold a $300 costume for $30 the other day! SUPERDEAL!  I ended up getting him a vampire cape. Then we decided to re-explore  the place for possibilities, since this sale is just beyond comprehension. We decided that these costumes don’t have to be just for Halloween – they can be for any random day!  Days where we choose to  role play, or Friday night dates – why put a limit on the possibilities?? After that, the moments felt like we were on speed. We raided the store, aisle by aisle, for size smalls, looking for things he thought looked good. I simply surrendered to his preferences, and when we were done, I ran for the mirror up front by the cash register, where I tried all ten costumes on in a wild act of frenzy! Here he is, looking all excited.

We got to spend quality time together, and I loved every minute of it. We got 7 costumes total, 6 for me, 1 for him. We totally juiced the place! Total price? $100 for 7 name brand costumes!  His pick of a velvet blue China doll was my favorite – mini mildly magnificent!

Afterwards, we hung out at Sleepy’s for 45 minutes. What an amazing evening of adventure, by peradventure (chance)!


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