James: The Secret


I have read a few pages of the book 《The Secret》
I did not buy it.
All the stories in the book were about the same – You think about what you want, and you get it.

I went to a training session to sell retirement plan. I was asked to talk to strangers without fear.

I was walking on the wooden beach board this morning as usual. Today I felt lonely when I saw people passing by talking to each other. When I sat on the bench at the end of the beach board for a break, I was thinking about getting a walking partner but did not think of any possible person. When I stood up to walk back to the entrance, I saw a lady turning around and walked in front of me. Her walking speed just matched mine. She was the perfect candidate. Others may walk too fast for me to catch up with, or too sexy for me to approach, or too old to sell retirement plan to… I wished I could talk to her but I did not know what to say.

I was just thinking and had no intention to take any action. I thought the thought would be gone in a few seconds and made no difference in life. Obviously I was wrong because I forgot about the book <The Secret> Suddenly a sound like explosion happened right in front of me. A heavy shell was dropped by the two seagulls fighting for it. I was scared and made a noise. I don’t know who sent the seagulls here? I don’t know who read my mind? Anyway the lady turned around and talked to me. And I will walk with her when I see her next time.

The theory in <The Secret> seemed to be true. I just got what I thought of without making any effort.

She said that I should buy lottery ticket since I had special luck. I won’t do that because all the wishes in my mind that morning had already come true.


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