Debbie: More Sparkles

Today is December 2nd, and I have been on this earth for 28.5 years to the day.  I am now 113 pounds…my ideal weight. I finally pursued my passion in art, after 16 years of “not getting around to it…” I have created two masterpieces using my childhood DESIGN color pencils and my flamboyant art kit, a gift from him …1 watercolor of swans, and 1 color pencil still life of fruits. I feel fulfilled to be “in flow” and flexing the maze of my right brain. Recently, a Ted Talk inspired me to use my right brain, in the hopes of reaching “a state of nirvana.”
art kit
Fruit Sketch
We experience an abundance of movies and shows to choose from when we eat…including chick shows about women in the city. I love watching them together! I just started a great career a month ago, a big part of which includes my greatest love, training & development. I’m in flow from moment to moment – time passes by so quickly, as I am learning new things and being challenged in and out of my comfort zone. I am surrounded by the positive vibes of colleagues. As icing on the cake, I’ve also pleasantly surprised myself by working out again after years of “not wanting to get around it”, three times a week. What a gift I’ve given myself! I’ve pursued the art of cooking – mixing different sauces and experimenting to create different potions is just so whimsically fun! As a treat to myself, I head out to the city and seek happy things such as getting my nails done, sampling new delights (a pistachio waffle comes to mind!), and entertaining my inner epicure. As I go where life carries me, I am blessed by my charm bracelet lined with Swarovski crystals (a negative ion bracelet). I am also accompanied by my handsome and dashing significant other, who empowers me to go after both my cutesie and largesse dreams as I capriciously strut through the promenade of life. Here’s us traveling in the East, exploring The Great Wall. The Great Wall
My next growth opportunity is to carry out the art of GTD – Getting Things Done – David Allen. After that, I might pursue and coach myself on the art of relationship with current friendships. As I wake up to the smell of morning, I remind myself that “failure” is not bad – it is just another step closer to success… and to remember that there is beauty in imperfection. Whether it be art, career or relationships, I know that I will continue my quest to stop trying to be the perfect student/employee/artist/friend, etc, and just go for it.
❤  Debbie

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