Rossmery: A Magical Date


So as part of my 2013 vision, I’m creating a new bucket list and I share with my friend, one of my wishes:

Me: #5: Experience a magical date: Pick me up in a limo, bring me flowers, take me to dinner to eat authentic Italian food, followed by a Broadway show, then takes me out to dance, see the sunrise. Have breakfast at a great vegan place lol and finally go to sleep at a 5 star hotel hahaha.

Friend: Whatttt! Yea, let me get Zack Efron-Warren Buffet- astronaut… on the phone for you.


1 Comment

  1. I love it! Thank you sharing my dream date with the world! I believe that every girl deserves a princess date! I love you and may all of you receive your version of a Princess date!!

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