Debbie: Unicorns, Dreams, Wishes

unicornI am a lively girl full of pomeranian fun and laughter. I have big dreams that entail big possibilities. . Finding the love of my life, living happily ever after… Getting my dream job and having a great boss… Getting my perfect body back at 112 pounds,  revamping my diet to eat healthy.

At times, when sharing my dreams and goals, I am questioned by certain people who urge me to be more “realistic” and “logical.” However, I’m happy to say that all of the above has happened…due to my persistence, due to the Universe being on my side, due to the stars aligning.  So screw “reality” and “logic”! If they say I’m delusional about something I am going to make happen, I’ll just have to prove them wrong.

Heck, that’s what this boy did! He’s riding on a sweet white unicorn! unicorn white bike


And here’s him all grown up…still living the unicorn life!
unicorn man



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