Ira: The Last Three Years

ImageThe last 3 years since I moved to New York from Israel, were pretty overwhelming. And the last year mostly, has beat me to the ground. Working HARD to make enough money to live in New York. Managing a business, falling in love with zumba, becoming an instructor, doing a leadership program, opening my first company, new relationship, injuring my shoulder, going through a surgery, 6 months recovery. no working out, no zumba. injuring my back, closing my company. The lesson that I’m taking with me from this past year is, to do only what makes you happy, and continue to work on improving yourself. Making A lot of money and hating every second of it – is not a way to live, and is very hard to walk away from. i kept on receiving this message in a form of big health issues, that kept on coming one after the other. it took me some time to realize that and walk away. now I’m taking the spring-summer time to focus on what makes me happy, and becoming a better person, gather my lost energy back, and then, I will start working on my new business. Which is going to be HUGE, mark my words . Thanks to b-school, and Marie Forleo for some valuable lessons.


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