Mac: Kiss from a Rose

rose goldYou are somewhere dreaming about me while I dream about you. You crave my piercing stare and desire my awe-inspiring smile. I envision our first date, when I drive to pick you up and treat you like the queen that you are. I bring you roses, go down on my knees, kiss your hand and give it to you. You are comforted by my obvious equanimity.

You look stunning and my heart is near popping out of my chest. I open the car door and usher you in with utmost gentleness. When you call my name, “Mac,” it’s almost like you are saying to my parents, “And you’ll have a handsome and beautiful boy. He’ll go out and break a lot of hearts, and have his heart broken too. But in the end, he’ll find me and it’ll be a moment of absolute blessedness.”

In my dreams, I bring you to the ballroom and I waltz with you to Seal’s “Kiss from a Rose.” I am looking dapper and all debonair in my tuxedo and my bowtie.

On the dance floor, you feel my triceps, biceps, and my chest, and you think, “Oh my! He is built like a Greek God.” You smell my neck and feel like it’s the best thing ever. You are carried away by the way I waltz you around. You desire my good genes. Your whole world turns and you wished we had met earlier.

Your palpitating heart tells you, “This is my man and I won’t let him go.” For once, you just know that this man is your other half and he is a fine specimen of a man. At last, we’ve found each other and love lasts.




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