Debbie: Grand Piano Dreams Turned Reality

grand piano

I am most honored to share with you that after several years of pondering in a pipe dream mentality, I have finally decided to embark on a long-awaited journey to being a classical music composer. After taking weekly piano lessons for years during my childhood times, continuously reading off others’ scores and perfecting them until the next lesson, I recently realized, 15 years later, that I also harbor a fiery excitement and ability to create beautiful musical pieces. I am not sure exactly how it will look like, but I will say this: The journey has officially started. My vision is to inspire others to great heights through the musical word of the piano note. And yes, you are probably wondering what I will do with my day job. I absolutely plan on progressing in my career in employee engagement & development, until the end of time, as it is another huge passion of mine. And, I am asking all of you for support. If any of you have any contacts of friends or acquaintances in the music industry, specifically related to composing music, (e.g. songwriting, any instrumental, people in bands, musical commercials, films, selling CDs, playing in subways, etc)  I would be most appreciative and honored to learn more…do send me a pm or comment on the below. Thank you, thank you!

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