Philip: Being Tina Turner!

Female doll dressed as beauty queen, portrait

When I was 5 years old. My mother knew my love for Tina… I was obsessed with Whats Love Got To Do With IT…. loved the video, look, etc.. I wanted to be her. My mother and I were in the drug store shopping and I happened to be in the section of beauty with her and noticed the LEE press on nails. I asked my mother for them and red nail polish so I could be Tina for the day and perform the song. The supportive mother I have in ALL I wanted bought them for me. got home.. helped me put them on and I popped in the cassette into my boom box, did a performance of the song…(in the front yard). I felt alive, in touch and on fire as Tina always made me feel. She helped me understand how to feel when I perform. Just makes sense.. I thank my mother till this day for allowing me to be ME…. Parents who support their kids through every interest without judgement is allowing their child to grow creatively and organically. When parents shun things away out of fear is when the creative bus starts to melt away. Let your kids shine and let them be themselves in every moment of life.


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