Jeff: An Act of Heroism


As I was walking down the escalator to Penn station after a party I saw an extremely intoxicated girl in heels and a miniskirt in front of me stumbling down the escalator. She fell down and I then helped her up and kept her balanced until she stepped off. Initially I then left her alone and walked away. But when I saw her stumble down the stairs to the train platform I thought “shit this is dangerous she could fall right into the tracks!” No one else noticed her so I followed her down the stairs to the platform and saw her leaning forward against a LIRR train with her forehead and palms against the closed train door. The train suddenly started moving, and I then quickly reached in and snatched her pulling her away from the train. Then two cops, a male and female officer rushed down the stairs out of nowhere. The female cop yelled out at the girl “Are you kidding me! You almost just got killed by the train!” Then she looked at me and exclaimed: “And you could have went down with her!” The cops then helped her up the stairs and questioned her, followed by questioning me asking me if I knew her or ever met her before. The drunk girl then shook my hand and hugged me thanking me profusely. The female cop then shook my hand and thanked me for being there to save her from the train before sending her off to the hospital. I won’t forget this incident cause someone would have lost her life if I did what I normally would’ve done – which is be a bystander and mind my own business.


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