Debbie: My Piano Romance

white pianooo

I am amazed, yet ironically, not surprised,  at the unleashing of my own potential. Just spending an hour per day has made classical music learning and composition a habit and a surefire passion that I look forward to each evening. When I see “her,” this grand black beauty of a song, I am left struck…When I work on this big-eyed baby, it is straight up focus and I am left  somewhere within the spectrum of in flow, all smiles, and euphoricIt is nothing short of a New Age love affair.

Initially I committed to spending just 20 minutes per day. 20 minutes soon turned into an hour, sometimes two. That Saturday, when the clock struck midnight, the glass slipper was not found…because it was never lost. Four hours, some spilling into the wee hours of the morning, became within the spiritual realm of normal.

I believe in who I am, and what my musical talents are, and no one can take that away from me. When someone tells you that you won’t succeed, it is but a reflection of their own limitations, not yours. Surround yourself with people who inspire you, motivate you, and believe in you and you will be lifted higher and higher into seeing yourself for your potential.

Thank you so much to Hadar for initiating and enrolling us all into PSP Life. I am sure it has made a huge difference for many others as well. What a legacy you have created!   I have not felt so consistently, keyword “consistently,” motivated and committed, creating results after results, songs and tunes among the garden variety of creativity, in a while.  I just submitted my first ever official piece over for a romantic classical music piece for a television show featuring a wedding. I kept playing the piece over and over…and it felt absolutely heavenly.  Love is in the air.


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