A Bucolic Encounter in Cabo, Mexico

I set my bag and hat down in a farm-to-table experience in Cabo, Mexico. The air felt hot amidst the backdrop of a late-afternoon sun shining across the fields of mango trees. Suddenly, I felt a solid movement under the wooden table…this baby doggie nestled by my legs under the wooden table solidly and comfortably, as if she had done so dozens of times before… Her beige fur felt short and warm…her body felt firm and robust…She wore a pair of dark, sad eyes, “tan triste y hermosa…” She had been looking for us…she had been looking for me…

I empathized with her deeply…I could feel her little heart was searching for a sense of belonging…for someone to show her love and care…but not just from anyone…I gently caressed her soft fur… In that moment, I became the possibility of her being embraced, soothed and welcomed.

For those momentary and precious three minutes, I recognized my animal soul mirror…my deep and momentary love. I was her caretaker, her nurturer, and she was my beloved…

And when the waiter came to carry her plump body away because our other guest was not as comfortable, I looked on with a sense of pastoral wistfulness and longing…I was the space for her sense my energies and to be back…

“A quantum moment is when truth’s rays seep through the cracking barrier you built against them.” – Wayne Dyer


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