A Cupcake Experience

Are you more of a morning or a night person?

Let me tell you about one of my night-person nights. But first…


Making cupcakes for the first time was quite a delightful and delectable experience. It was like an artist date! An artist date is a date with yourself where the only purpose is to play, be mischievous, and have fun. The event has one get in touch with one’s inner child. When one is fully immersed, it can feel positively glowing.

First came gathering the ingredients. Going inentionally to the cake section of a big grocery store for the first time was an experience in and of itself. There were so many choices on the shelves on both sides – from bake mix flavors (oreo? butterscotch?) to sprinkles (rainbow? glitter?) to whipped cream variations. The variety of adornments and ornamentation was abundant, displayed across the entirety of the aisle.

Looking into sample decorations I liked was an enjoyable experience, an artist date in and of itself.

The piping bags and tips were the main part of the process. I had ordered them and would be using these fine accessories for the first time.


The final part came the decorations – the essence of the experience. There were a couple of events coming up, a Thanksgiving party, another Thanksgiving party and a meeting. My second cupcake was when I made the conscious choice to play like a child, and not be attached to how it turned out. I held the piping bags and tip, filled with chocolate cream, and took a breathe. “Here goes nothing!” I thought. I let my hands just play with the pressure of the bags, letting it flow without having any designs in mind. And that’s when the magic started to appear…

The sheer beauty and uniqueness of each of these dainty visuals was uplifting and transformative. The novelty was exciting as well.

One person close to me absolutely loved them. He wouldn’t let me share it with others – he wanted them all to himself. He complimented me a few times, acknowledging me as an artist and complimenting the beauty of them. He followed up by putting on a cake baking show, a genre which I discovered I loved!

Another 13 of his friends complimented me on them as well. That’s 15 people, including myself, who loved them! Celebration and positivity certainly added to the experience.

The whole evening was full of fanciful, whimsical and creative moments. I loved every moment of it!

“You are magical during the holidays,” someone said to me.


I am more of a night person is my answer for today.


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